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You can email: or sms us: +880 1711-622036

Upon consideration of patient’s health condition we will contact with you. Primarily you can email: or SMS Us: +880 1711-622036 (no call please)

About Us

BdHealthSolution is a online clinic for the Bangladeshi people and provide online consultations and treatments using a remote doctor/patient interface. The BdHealthSolution is one of the most established online Healthcare providers and one of the only a handful licensed by the Bangladesh Health Commission. Our service using is very simple, just massage our website chat box or official Facebook messenger, A full Dedicated Doctors team are waiting for your massage in 24 hours without any fee. You just find the Department and make a massage to us. It’s simple you just find the consultation that require some basic question to you and you have to complete their question answer. Actually, we will ask you few medical question to you to ducted your current disease condition and to find out your actual disease type. Once you submit your answer, it will be reviewed by one of our experienced Doctors. We operate around the clock 24/7. if you submit your consultation during normal office hours then you will have a response within 5 minutes. Outside normal office hours it may be take a little bit longer, Depending on the time of Day. Consultations are completely free of charge and without obligation.

After review our special Doctors, you will gate a prescription from the doctor with medicine suggestion and taking process, you just save and print out and purchase the medicine from your nearest Medicine pharmacy.

No need to move anywhere for taking medical treatment for your disease, Doctors are so close in your Daily Life and its absolutely totally free medical treatment by the two level doctors in the Bangladesh.



You can learn medical terms and diseases from this department.


Asthma is a common long-term inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs. It is characterized by variable and…


Gastroenterology (MeSH heading) is the branch of medicine focused on the digestive system and its disorders…

Chest Medicine

Chest Medicine Associates is a group of physicians who are…


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Gastroenterology (MeSH heading) is the branch of medicine focused on the digestive…


Hepatology is the branch of medicine that incorporates the study of liver…

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