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No matter how your financial situation is, we treat you for free. Receive free treatment from renowned doctors anytime, anywhere from any device. No gimmick, no hidden costs, your treatment is fully free.

The Consultation Process

At OurFreeDoctor foundation, we understand that not everyone has the time or inclination to visit a doctor to discuss their healthcare needs-especially when it comes to potentially embarrassing problems. We have developed a convenient doctor/patient interface to bring you a service that allows you to have a medical consultation and order any medication that our doctors prescribe, all from the comfort of your own home.

Our website is secure, confidential, and user friendly, Once You have come, you are totally free to discuss your condition with our doctors online, while we are primarily an online clinic, we can arrange a face to face consultation with a doctor should you prefer to have a physical examination. The Face to face consultation will take through video call service if necessary for the conditions of patients.

Data protection

If following a free consultation with OurFreeDoctor (former BdHealthSolution) you decide not to proceed with any further treatment, you can request that your details deleted from our database, we will never pass your details to any third party in accordance with Bangladeshi Data protection legislation.

Our Doctors

bdhealthsolution DR Mahmud Masum Attar

Dr. Masum Attar is a world class pulmonologist having experience more than 30 years of medical treatments in Bangladesh and foreign country like IRAN. He started his career helping Bangladesh for patients with common and rare chest diseases in NIDCH (The most specialized health institution for chest related problems). While continuing treating patients for last 30 years, he also helped medical causes on numerous occasions through national tv appearances, seminars, news medias in Bangladesh and overseas.
His vision is to include more people in health care regardless of their capability, fully aligned with SDG goal for Bangladesh. As a part of his vision, he started providing free medical treatment for numerous patients through his web portal for last 2 years. The free medical service enabled with multidisciplinary medical specialists, is free for all with 24/7 customer service via mail/SMS. And the service is gaining substantial subscriber due to the quality of the treatment. He also created a youtube channel named “Health and Query” to increase health benefits for people.

Dr. Mahmud Masum Attar
Assistant professor,
National Institute of Diseases of Chest and hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Founder and CEO, OurFreeDoctor.com

bdhealthsolution DR. ZIAUL KARIM

Dr. Ziaul Karim
Chest & Medicine Specialist

DR. Zahangir Hossain

Dr. Zahangir Hossain

Dr. Farzana Banu

Dr. Farzana Banu

Dr. Md. Nurul Alam

Dr. MD. Nurul Alam

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